Cima 500 Turbo

Cima 500 Turbo


The multipurpose CIMA 500 TURBO is a machine designed to knock down olives by means of vibration, collect the fruit from the ground, assist in fructification pruning and maintenance of plant growth, whether by mechanical weeding (brush clearing) or chemical weeding (low-pressure spraying)

Its great manoeuvrability, due to an entirely hydraulic system, and its small size give the CIMA 500 TURBO exceptional characteristics for working in most of the existing olive groves.

Performance of the machine, however, depends on the ground conditions, which is the key factor influencing performance in mechanised olive harvesting.

With proper land management techniques, through preliminary planning of the production system, the potential performance of the CIMA 500 TURBO is substantially better than in a grove that uses aggressive traditional land management techniques.


– Working width 1,65m
– Hydraulic activation.
– 600 litres capacity.
– Low pressure pump.
– 0,5m3 capacity

Technical Features

Total working length 5200 + 500 max mm
Total length while driving 5200 mm
Total working width 1530 mm
Total width while driving 1530 mm
Total working height 1220 mm
Total height while driving 1220 mm
Rear driving width 1490 mm
Minimum empty weight 1872 mm
Driving wheels 4
Braking wheels when parked 2

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